Mystery Adidas Shoes at the Miami Open

Verdasco & Sock Debut New Mystery Adidas Shoes

Mystery Adidas Shoes

Mystery Adidas shoes have been spotted!  Two players in particular have been seen wearing a new shoe from Adidas at the 2015 Miami Open.  34th ranked Spaniard, Fernando Verdasco, and 45th ranked American, Jack Sock have been sporting a new piece of footwear this week in Miami.  Both athletes on Team Adidas generally wear pieces from the Adizero collection combined with corresponding Adizero Feather shoes.  Continuing with this trend, it’s only logical that they’re testing a new shoe in an upcoming Adizero Feather footwear collection.
Mystery Adidas Shoes
As seen in these photos taken at the tournament, the mystery Adidas shoes have a dominantly black upper with small red accents along the laces, a bright red sole, and a bold Adidas logo above the heel.  The shoes appear to be consistent with Adizero Feather models of yesteryear which feature a thin upper with lots of mesh and a thin ultra lightweight sole.
Unlike other Adizero Feather shoes though, these mystery Adidas shoes appear to have a nice reinforced stabilizer that runs along the ankle and around the heel to provide enhanced ankle stability that players desire.  Generally speaking, the full herringbone pattern is typically used exclusively for clay court play.
Mystery Adidas Shoes
Overall, the design, colors, and features of this mystery Adidas shoe look great and this shoe should be highly anticipated!

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